Ways to Get Affordable Family Health Insurance

The majority people could not afford to disburse out of pocket for over the simplest medical treatment or course of action. This is where obtaining affordable family health insurance plans could play a significant role, both in your medical treatment and your family’s financial prospect.

With a little spadework and exploration, it’s likely to get affordable family health insurance plans for nearly any budget. The price of group health insurance plans is just very high for numerous small businesses, making it harder and harder for employees to find its coverage from their employer.

There are lots of organizations that give family health insurance as advantages to the employees and their families. The employer might disburse the whole premium, or a particular share of it, that depends on the judgment of the employing authorities. Smaller companies might not be willing to use high amounts towards health care coverage of the families of the employees. So therefore, the employees must disburse high premiums. In scenarios like this, affordable family health insurance plans turn out to be a need. Such insurance plans might be hard to place, but it is not unfeasible to get one.

There are a lot of kinds of health insurance obtainable for you to select from to keep you and your family. The solution is to get the one that is appropriate for your circumstances and your necessities. Whether you are obtaining insurance for the first time or you by now have a policy but plan to alter, you require researching the a lot of different alternatives you have so as to get the most affordable policy for your necessities.

There are many ways to get affordable family health insurance rates. However, some of them may still involve some monetary investment.

Family health insurance choices are not straightforward ones. Still, taking benefit of the family health care plan could, and more probable will be, the wiser option. Unavoidably family members befall sick. Children have accidents. It is a known that finally the amount you disburse in premiums will be much easier on your finances than disbursing out of pocket for the profligately priced recommendations and doctor visits.

Family Concerns with Divorce and Health Insurance

When a married couple decides to divorce, it is a stressful time for everyone. Their children are affected, their family members are affected, and sometimes even their friends are affected. When divorce is the issue, people ideally just want to get it over with as quickly and painlessly as possible for all parties involved.

Once two people are divorced, they no longer have any ties to each other; unless, of course, they have children together. When two people who have children together decide to divorce, there are many family concerns to deal with. It is best that both parents to handle the family concerns as smoothly as possible to protect the children, because while one of the main family concerns for parents during a divorce is custody, one of the main concerns for children is why their parents are divorcing in the first place.

One way to make sure family concerns are taken care of once a divorce is final is to handle the issue of health insurance for the children before the divorce is final. If both parents have their own health insurance policies, the only decision to make is usually who will take the children under his or her health insurance policy. But if one parent has health insurance and the other does not because he or she was covered under the other’s health insurance, problems can arise.

Unfortunately, in this situation, the spouse with the health insurance policy is not always willing to continue taking care of family concerns that last despite divorce, such as the cost of health care for the children.

Affordable Health Insurance in New York

Many people think by getting a “good job” they’ll have a “good health benefits package.” That is just not always the case. Sometimes we find our dream jobs – great pay, weekends and holidays off, many opportunities to use our skills and advance – only to find out our dream jobs do not offer employer-sponsored health insurance. So, we start looking for individual insurance policies to purchase, but just do not have the money left over after the bills are paid to pay the higher premiums.

It is a vicious cycle, but it can be stopped thanks to New York State’s Family Health Plus. The Family Health Plus plan was created for adults between the ages of 19 and 64 who can’t find affordable health insurance in New York. Maybe their employers don’t offer group health insurance plans, or maybe they can’t afford to purchase an individual health insurance plan on their own. These are the New Yorkers who are considered to have too much money or assets to qualify for Medicaid; at the same time, they make too little money to afford either out-of-pocket health care costs or individual health insurance plans.

The great thing about New York State’s Family Health Plus plan is that you don’t have to have children in order to be eligible. Single adults as well as married couples without children are eligible for the Family Health Plus plan.

Plus, it costs nothing to apply for and enroll in the Family Health Plus plan, nor will you be required to pay deductibles. You will, however, need to pay co-payments at the time of medical treatment.

The Family Health Plus plan offers coverage for, but not limited to, doctor visits, in and out patient care, emergency room visits, vision care, diabetic services, behavioral health services, and even family planning.

Indoor Health Care Network Cites January as Peak Indoor Living Health Month

January involves us fully into winter “indoor living” where the air can be far more stagnant and polluted than outdoors, in fact from 5 to 20 to even 100 percent worse, according to the EPA.
Our focus at Indoor health Care Network is to create healthier indoors for you at home, and at work, and reduce the indoor culprits that cause sickness.

You may have happened along our site directly, or you’ve been referred by a doctor or health care specialist who is also an Indoor Health Care Associate. In either case, you are welcome to explore the benefits, products and programs available here for you and your family.

The IHCN website: http//www.indoorhalthcare.com features an online indoor health care store where you can purchase products and services to help your indoor environment. We also provide educational services for health care workers to see beyond the patient, to the indoor environment.

Our online counselors can advise you on air and water purification treatments, plus scores of other benefiting ways to improve the indoors.

Please use our site as your family’s resource for ongoing indoor environmental education, as well as your indoor environmental products online store.

December– a time to come into “healthy indoors.”

Did you realize the air we breathe 15,000 to 35,000 times a day provides over 90% of our life energy?
With allergies doubling since the 1970’s, and asthma increasing at epidemic proportions, it’s no wonder attention has grown between a doctor and patient to see beyond the patient, to the home environment.TM

Start your family indoor health care plan today. At IHCN, we’ll help you reduce the indoor causes for sickness, reversing these trends through education, a partnership with your family and our team, and the introduction, one piece at a time, of the necessary tools of products, programs and services.

The best place to begin may be to obtain a REM Mate whole health air purifier for your bedroom. Afterall, sleeping is the regenerative time that your matabolism needs pure air the most. IHCN developed and manufactures this product, with a guarantee it will improve your sleep and your home.

Doctors, Allergists, and health care specialists, in their role as an Indoor Health Care Associate, refer patients and clients to IHCN for the following reasons:

o Indoor Health Care Associates look beyond the patient’s symptoms, to their home environment indoor health care needs. Till now, doctors treated symptoms, then returned patients back home, to the scene of the crime.

oIHCN’s website provides credible resources for families and health care professionals, bringing together ongoing education programs as well as healthy home products and services. We’re here online, and look forward to speaking with you. Call us at 716-824-1505.

oIHCN offers the best class of products (e.g., including air purifiers that are FDA Class II Medical Devices) and we’re right in your home community, with links to certified indoor air quality service providers, for testing, remediation, and overall indoor environmental improvement.

o Guidelines for IHCN’s programs, products and services are in coordination and support of the US Environmental Protection Agency, Food and Drug Administration, American Lung Association, American Heart Association, Association of Air Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration Engineers, American IAQ Council, National Air Duct Cleaners Association, National Science Foundation, the Indoor Air Quality Association, and Your Family Needs.

Our Mission at Indoor Health Care Network

At IHCN, we assure that healthy science-based environmental intervention programs are practical and affordable for every family, with the help and guidance of their indoor health care professional.

Family Health Insurance Plans – Start Planning For Your Loved Ones With This Information

Family Health Insurance plans can be divided into two categories. There are those provided by your employer and there are individual health plans, that is to say one that is not provided by your employer and you have therefore had to go out and get that yourself.

The advantage of the employer provided health plan is that it does not discriminate against those with pre-existing conditions. Provided those with such conditions have maintained health coverage in the years prior to the employer provided package, pre-existing conditions do not rule out people from family health insurance plans by employers. This is particularly good. Regulations on health plans vary state to state. Some states dictate that you cannot be turned down just because of a pre-existing condition, while in others you could very well be turned away. But even if you can get health insurance, the fact is that your premium will be much higher with a pre-existing condition. Individual family health policies are usually more discriminatory against those with conditions of that nature.

There are several types of individual family health insurance plans available. These include fee for service plans (which are the most common), Health Maintenance Organization (HMO), which are a type of prepaid plan, Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) and Point of Service (POS)

Each have their advantages. Some, for example, will enable you to visit more facilities. Other will insist upon treatment at a specific centre though this might be better value. Essentially you have to weight up all the options when it comes to looking for family health insurance plans. With something as critically important as health, it is vital that you know exactly what you are buying into and that you know what it could cost you in the event of an emergency. Make sure you’re covered.

Avoid the Spread of Swine Flu Between Family Members at Home

It can be really scary if one of your kids comes home with symptoms of the flu. How are you going to keep it from spreading to your other family members? Following are some “unofficial” (but logical and practical!) ideas you might consider:

Keep the sick family member home from school or work until the fever is gone! The fever is your sign that the virus is still active–and if it’s active, the virus can be transmitted. This is one time when you want to discourage “sharing”–it won’t help the sick family member to spread the flu to his/her classmates or the workplace gang.

Isolate the family member as much as possible. Keep your healthy family members away from exposure to the higher concentrations of viruses likely to be in the “sick room”. When people want to visit, go outside to avoid healthy folks’ exposure to the potentially higher concentrations of virus in the sick-room. Infected family members should either eat meals in their rooms or have a family gathering outdoors –bundle up (if necessary) and socialize in the wide-open air, like a picnic or barbeque.

Frequently air out the sick person’s room–open a window and dispel the inside air to outside. This can reduce the concentration of air-borne viruses in the “sick room”, making it less likely that you will be exposed to a b’zillion air-borne virus droplets when you go into the room to attend to your sick family member.

Help the sick person avoid stress, guilt or boredom. Make sure the sick member has lots to do –books, magazines, coloring books, computer, TV, etc. but avoid tiring active play. Get him/her involved in nutrition planning–make sure there are lots of fruits and veggies available. And, remind him/her that this will pass and the most important thing is to take care of his/her body while it is fighting the virus.

About Laundry– viruses can live for a little while on moist surfaces. So, don’t share towels/washcloths with the sick family member. Make up a specific load of the sick person’s clothing, bedding and towels in the laundry…and make sure you’ve dried them thoroughly before putting them away. Open the washer lid and let it dry between laundry loads.

Got a Shared bathroom? Create wipe-down habits in addition to promoting careful hand washing. Although anti-bacterial wipes won’t necessarily “kill” viruses, it makes sense to practice a wipe-down procedure, just in case. After toilet use, wipe down the flush lever and seat–let ’em air-dry.

After the sick person has used the sink, wipe down the sink, faucet and faucet handles and the counter top–let ’em air dry before someone else uses them. Talk to everyone in the family so they know why you’re being so picky–it’s to prevent transferring the virus from one person to another. Make sure they are pro-active as well to keep themselves flu-free by noticing their own hygiene procedures–especially in areas where contamination is likely.

Discuss and promote a Coughing/Sneezing protocol to prevent aerosol dispersal or hand contamination. Kids have been instructed at school to cough/sneeze into their “elbow”. Why? The cloth in the sleeve absorbs the droplets–and it’s unlikely kids are in “one-kid’s-elbow-to-another-kid’s-mouth” contact. Remind kids that the old “cover-your-mouth-with-your-hand” is a no-no–It makes it easy to spread the virus in hand-to-hand contact and hand-to-mouth contact or hand-to-nose contact.

Disposable Masks might be useful–for the infected person. The actual effectiveness may be less important than the reinforced notion of contagion–the mask reminds the sick kids that the most likely method the virus will leave their bodies is via escaping mouth fluids and breathing vapors. So “capture” the viruses in the mask to prevent the spread. And, if you let him/her draw faces on the masks, a child is less likely to feel like “Typhoid Mary”–it’ll feel more like Halloween.

According to the CDC, caregivers (or persons who aren’t sick) don’t need to mask-up. The mask is intended to contain the source of the virus transmission–the person who has the virus. BUT, if you are caring for a sick kid and your own health is compromised (lung or sinus vulnerability, asthma, pregnant, chronic heart disease, etc), adding an extra layer of protection makes sense to keep YOU healthy.

4 Healthy Habits We Love to Hate

Living a healthy lifestyle is often not as hard as we make it out to be. We all know what to do, but just can’t seem to bring ourselves to do it consistently. Instead of engaging in the activities that will ensure our health, which ensures our quality of life, we prefer to medicate or ignore. Bad habits and healthy habits have one thing in common…they are both habits, and habits can be changed, eliminated, or created. Here are the 4 Healthy Habits We Love to Hate.

Habit #1: Drink! Water That Is

Many of the sodas and juices we drink several times a day can give us more calories than the food we eat. As an experiment, a young man eliminated the 5 – 6 sodas he drank daily from his diet, and within a month, he lost 15 pounds with no additional changes to this diet. While sodas and juices do contain some water, it contains far more sugar, syrup and chemical sweetners than what can be considered healthy. In fact, sometimes after drinking soda or juice, you are left even thirstier than before!

Water is necessary for healthy living. Our bodies are mostly water. Without enough water, we can become dehydrated which causes all sorts of problems, including headaches, loss of energy, and lack of full body function. Water doesn’t have the sweet taste of our manufactured drinks. However, it does have the distinction of being necessary for life, and for healthy living. Sugary drinks always taste good in the short term. Water is always the best choice for your health in the long term. When short term and long term goals conflict, always choose the long term. Water is your friend. Get rid of the imposters.

Habit #2: Sleep Until You Are Done

We are perpetually tired. Between stress and lack of sleep, we are falling asleep at red lights or while actively driving, we walk into walls, spill our drinks, make simple mistakes that often have big consequences, and we have close to no mental clarity. Sleep is our body’s method of rejuvenation, and allowing our minds the time it needs to organize our thoughts and memories for clarity and recall. We often think that sleeping less means we’ll get more done, but the opposite is actually true.

If you find yourself waking up tired and remaining tired all day, go to bed earlier. Record your favorite late night shows and watch them during your waking hours. Cut out some of your social networking time, internet surfing and game playing time, and your late night channel hopping. Instead, get to bed. Slow down your thinking by realizing that while in bed, you can’t do anything about the work you left at the job, the people that wronged you, or the thing you forgot to do today. Rest your mind and body. That is the only way to be fully prepared for what tomorrow will bring, and to accomplish your to do list completely. Don’t just sleep enough to function. Sleep enough to function well.

Habit #3: Move Your Body

Our ancestors had to exercise in order to eat, whether they had to hunt or grow their food. With the advent of the take out menu, many jobs that leave us sitting all day long, and mind sucking television shows, we just can’t seem to find time to exercise. If we aren’t burning more calories than we eat, we gain weight, which can lead to one of many health issues later down the line.

If you are a “go to the gym” type of person, find a way to fit it into your schedule and then stick with it. Identify a work out buddy that can help keep you motivated and have fun. If you are more of a game person, pick a sport that you love and play it several times a week. If you are a studio person, aerobics, yoga, and martial arts are all great ways to get moving. Movement is the energy of living. Lack of motion is the energy of life ending.

Habit #4: Eat to Live, Don’t Live to Eat

We all know we need to eat fresh, vibrant, nutritious foods. Yet, we settle for fake foods, or foods with so much sugar or preservatives that it no longer resembles what it was intended to be. The problem is speed, a sweet tooth, and the need to pacify.

We have become so busy in our lives that we rush, even when we don’t need to. Rather than taking the time to prepare a healthy meal and share it with our families, we buy something on the way home. If we do prepare foods at home, we microwave it, pull it out of a can, or fry it up. Instead, let’s slow down when it comes to our food. Meals with family should be about health…healthy foods, healthy family time together, and healthy conversation.

In addition to rushing, we love our sweets. Some of us are so conditioned to eat sweets that even when we know we no longer like them, we still have to have them. When you have a sweet tooth, choose yogurt or a citrus fruit. When you need a pick-me-up, choose nuts, carrot sticks, or another fruit or vegetable you enjoy. Let’s put down the candy and cakes and pick up something we’ll be proud to eat!

My Family is My Savior!

Now that feels real good doesn’t it! So many of us spend so much time blaming and distancing ourselves from our families. Some of us will swear on our graves that we didn’t pick our families. Many of us don’t even want to talk about our families. Then there are those of us that are trying to forget our families. Well, I’m here to suggest that all of the above may condemn us to countless lifetimes of lessons and struggles. Why, because our families are our greatest teachers and ultimately our silver platter Saviors. It all begins with our incarnation into our families, and the lessons with our families don’t end until we take full responsibility for everything we attract to into our experience from our families. Kinda sucks doesn’t it? We can chose to be in denial about what are families are teaching us about ourselves or empowered by what we are learning and transcending. Two voices, two choices. One voice is of the ego and one voice is the higher self.

We must realize that we are with our families for a reason. We picked our mother, father, and other family members. We pick our bodies to incarnate our souls into. We have sacred contracts and agreements with our families. They are our teachers, just as we are their teachers. When we learn a lesson from them we break Karma. We stop playing out a certain familiar and fear-based dynamic with them like getting the last word in or having to be right. This frees us up to heal and really learn our lesson experientially. If you are interested in reading about the whys of incarnation and lessons we learn then you have to read “Journey Of The Souls” by Michael Newton, Ph.D. He hypnotizes his clients into their in-between lives before they incarnate again. The book is a fascinating read for those of you who need to know the whys.

Many times in order to gain a different perspective with our families we need to create surrogate healthy families and learn to get our needs met outside of our family of origin. This empowers us to create anew and take responsibility in asking for what we want in a healthy way. As we evoke a healthy separation with our family we ironically are able to appreciate them more and see the lessons we have willfully attracted more clearly. This enables us to Love them more and realize their divine presence and purpose in our lives.

For others, they may need to cut off their families for a period of time as they sort out the confusing, and sometimes, traumatic experiences they have attracted. Once again read “Journey Of The Souls” to understand the reasons we pick our circumstances and events more clearly. There are no mistakes, no accidents, and no random occurrences. If we believe there are then we still adhere to the victim disempowered mentality. There is no freedom or power in that thought system. When we have no back doors to slip out of we find ourselves fully accountable for everything. Now that is true empowerment and humility!

Remember, we get only one family of origin per lifetime. We can chose to create as many surrogate families, as we like. It is important to do our healing work so we can gain an appreciation for our family of origin and feel the gratitude of experiencing them as our teachers. This is true acceptance and taking full responsibility for our choices. It is only then that we can see the forest through the trees and begin to apply these lessons to all areas of our lives. When we heal our family stuff we heal ourselves. When we surrender and realize we have created everything and attracted everything we heal ourselves. When we heal ourselves we heal the world. When I really get that I heal the world by owning all of my own shit, and it’s all my shit, then I can really accept the shit that I attract as my silver platters in life. For in these very lessons lie my transcendence and freedom from the bondage of blaming my family. And then my heart can truly sing, My Family Is My Savior and I Love them as I Love myself for they are my mirror of who I truly am. I am that, I am!

Can You Tell the State of Health in the Family by Looking at Their Nails?

Michelle goes mad staring at her nail-bed!

No, don’t worry, I don’t sleep on a bed of nails or anything. It’s just that I have read some articles recently regarding health in the family, I read a lot about health and family life! But this article was about how your general health is reflected in your nails. So of course I have become completely obsessed with trying to analyse every little mark or blemish I can see – I nearly flipped out when I saw something on my nail, but it turned out to be a tiny smear of chocolate spread that I had been spreading on my son’s toast! – phew!

Apparently the colour, appearance, shape and nature of the nails give some information about the general health of a person. But did you know that your nails and hair are essentially made of the same stuff? So by eating foods rich in vitamins and minerals that are important to your nails, are also very good for your hair! You can also take vitamin supplements that contain B6, biotin, inositol and folic acid. There are also a number of minerals that are essential, including magnesium, sulphur, silica and zinc.

I bet you just looked at your nails didn’t you? Made you look!

Recipe Time!

Hearty Carrot Bake

You will need: 10 large carrots or 12 medium size carrots, 1 cooking onion, 30g butter, margarine or oil for frying, 1 tbsp sugar, 1 tbs plain flour, 1 ½ cups of hot milk, salt and pepper, dried breadcrumbs.

Peel and slice carrots into coin shapes and boil in water until cooked. Peel and grate the onion and fry in butter, margarine or oil until soft. Mix in the plain flour, salt, pepper and sugar. Slowly add the hot milk stirring a little in at a time. Keep stirring until thickened and then add in the drained carrots. Spoon into a greased baking dish, sprinkle over the breadcrumbs and dot the top with butter. Bake for about 20 minutes until everything is brown and bubbly, Gas Mark 4, 180oC. This makes a lovely main dish, or can be a different side dish for meat eaters, plus freezes well.

Family Health – Following Your Roots to a Healthier You

Have you lost a loved one through a disease?

The first thing you do when you go to new doctor for a physical is filling out your family health history. Your family history can tell your doctor about potential health risks.

I was devastated when I found out my mom had cancer. I was fortunate that they found it early enough to treat. She is doing well now. She’s been five years cancer free.

We all have a piece of our past. I have my mom’s beautiful smile. I have my Dad’s 6 plus feet height. It feels great to have these traits.

You can also carry on many of your parent’s ailments. Do you know if you carry any any potential genetic health risks?

Do a bit of detective work and you’ll find yourself asking some questions that may raise some health concerns.

If you’re close member is deceased, look for copies of old medical records or some times, old personal letters and look for things that talk about their lifestyle.

If you don’t have records, look at old picture sand if possible, videos. If a picture can tell a thousand words, a video can tell a million words. Start with easy stuff like height and weights. How is their posture? Even things, like if a family member develops things like dowagers hump.

Look back for things that bring up red flags. Do you notice any injuries? Look for any visual cues that may tell you a story. Also, if a loved one, say,developed medical ailments like cancer in their early thirties. This should be taken more seriously than if they developed the cancer in their late seventies.